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I've been in this business eleven years at several companies that have taken off – being bought for billions by a large corporation or even getting themselves on the stock exchange where shares are going up four or five times the value in a year.

At Business school, I studied finance and worked in an investment bank. I did specific courses on valuations as well as entrepreneurship. Later on, I have continued to develop my marketing skills – google analytics, web design, and so on.

One of the key differences between running marketing at a start-up and a large enterprise company is that the teams are much smaller and the skills much less specialised. At Bank of America, I worked in a group of analysts, creating value in one specific way. To maximise efficiency at scale, this makes perfect sense. 

However, in a start-up, you are working at a much smaller scale with far fewer resources and workforce. Bank of America will have brilliant marketing analysts and excellent PPC managers, outstanding event marketers and inside sales managers. I've had to do all those roles in one job. That's the nature of the business.

What are the building blocks of a great campaign?

, start-up companies are working on a shoestring. They have small budgets for Digital Marketing, small budgets for Social Media Marketing, smaller budgets for events. I try to get a minimum sample size and then run as many tests as possible to determine which campaigns are successful, and we need to increase spending on, and which are not and need to we need to jettison.

This tool is excellent to calculate sample sizes for A/B testing.

Using Imagination, Creativity and Guerrilla tactics

I love the guerrilla analogy. How was a tiny, insignificant, developing country like Vietnam able to outfox and outmanoeuvre the most enormous power in the world, the USA? Using guerrilla tactics.

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One great example of this is when I worked at Zscaler, the cloud Cyber Security Company, and we didn't have much money for branding. Marketing was setting up £1 million annual software license opportunities for the sales team, but it was sometimes a struggle to penetrate the prospect's scepticism when we had such a little known brand.

Marketing (I'd love to claim credit for this idea but it was unfortunately not mine) had the great idea to create a 'smash booth' at various selected events, where the attendees could find creative ways to destroy our competitor's hardware.

The cumbersomeness of Cybersecurity hardware was one of the big complaints that our customers had about our competitors. We had a cloud solution – no hardware at all! It was a bit hit at the events and provided us with much inexpensive footage which went viral.

Another idea that I did have with one of one of my Marketing colleagues at Arup's Mail Manager, was to run a series of events, where our project managment software was being demod by salespeople and by one of the engineers using it for their projects. 

One event we lined up was going to be in a famous building, the shard, in London, that was built by a company, Arup. We were going to have the IT manager who implemented the software and the engineers who worked on the building, explain how it was used to build the Shard.

Rudy Parker, Marketing professional. Digital marketing, startups, integrated marketing. Tech news.

Rudy Parker, Marketing professional. Digital marketing, startups, integrated marketing. Tech news.