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I've been working in and studying the Technology sector ever since I moved to Boston, Massachusetts, USA, in 2005 to pursue a full-time MS-MBA at Boston University School of Management. Since then I have been lucky to have worked at two technology startups that went stratospheric and achieved, respectively, 'Unicorn' and 'Decacorn' status.

By that I don't mean, as some companies say, that they achieved this US Billion dollar and US Ten Billion dollar status according to their own valuations. No, they achieved this, in the first case, by acquisition by a major enterprise company. In the second case, it was the NASDAQ valuation after their IPO.

I'm pretty good or lucky at picking winners depending on how you look at it! I'm also good at building the marketing engine that can fuel their sales growth. But most of all, I'm good at and enjoy analysing businesses and drawing conclusions from them that can benefit other companies at similar or earlier stages in their growth. 

Here are some of the other startups that I've worked helping build out the demand generation engine to set up opportunities for the sales team:

1. Leading Market Technologies, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA - Business, financial and economic intelligence tools.

2. Mail manager, 28 hands, part of Arup Engineering, London, UK. - Email management tools.

3. ITC Secure Networking, London, UK - Cyber Security Consulting

4. Buzz move, London, UK - Fintech software for the insurance business.

5. Sigma Systems, Toronto, Canada - Operations software for telcos & Cable

6. Velocix, Toronto, Canada - Video tech for telcos and cable companies

Why not check out my tech news and marketing services site to find out more? Find out about New IPOs of companies like Zscaler, that I've worked for, New technology and technology news stories.

You can also see some examples of my work here.

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Check out this short video about my tech news blog and Website and my work in marketing for startups in the software startups sector, including 28 hands mail manager, Zscaler and Visual IQ.


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Productivity is plummeting and innovation is dying. Research shows that cognitive diversity, not similarity, is what drives new ideas in marketing, social media marketing, & startups. technology news, digital marketing and adverts.

I bring my own expertise in marketing and financial analytics, demand generation, content creation for the C suite in enterprise companies and strategy. 

I also work with experts in other fields, for example heads of branding at major hotel groups and private equity investors.

bela Hatvany, tech investor who has made over £200 million

Bela Hatvany, inventor of the touchscreen, founder of Justgiving, who has exited companies with over £200 million. He has a unique business philosophy taking care of investors and employees. Find out more here in my recent interview with him.


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