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Marketing for Sales growth at your start up

Creating Sales growth for the Start up

I've worked in the Marketing - Demand generation function, at two startups that really took off. One, Visual IQ, made marketing attribution software. If you're a marketer like me, this is a fascinating world; Working with huge corporations like TJ Maxx or Target, who spend millions on digital marketing. 

We helped them better understand how their digital marketing efforts were creating new customers and revenue. Visual IQ was bought by Nielsen for about $2 Billion, a little over ten years after it was founded.

The other company where I learned from success, was Zscaler. It was one of the first companies to make cloud based cyber security software. Yet again, this was an exciting, vibrant world to work in. Our UK team had 200-300% a year growth and in 2018, ten years after being founded, the company had it's IPO and is now valued at $9 Billion on the Nasdaq

Of course I've also learnt from failure, maybe even more from that. On of my hero's is Winston Churchill, who said 'Success is going from one failure to another without lack of enthusiasm'. He would have made a brilliant startup founder, but He decided to save Britain instead.

The absolute key to Marketing for the Start up is to ensure that the sales team are happy. As a marketer in a fledgeling company, your customer isn't the customer, it's your sales team. 

In my business life, the way to make them happy is to provide them with leads that are:

1. The correct job title

2. The right industry or company

3. Ready to buy 

In short, what sales people call 'BANT' qualified - Budget/Authority/Need/Timing

How I get there is the 'secret sauce' - It involves anything from Paid Search campaigns to Blogging, from Email marketing to themed events. I do whatever it takes to provide your sales team with what they need to close high value deals.

I've established my credentials, but please read more on how you can follow some basic steps to grow your own business.

Of course to really nail this, you would need to get in touch with a B-2-B Marketing expert like me, which you can do here. Also check out my website and blog for new startup news.


Sales growth at Zscaler, the start up I worked in Demand Generation Marketing for.

Sales growth at Zscaler, the start up I worked in Demand Generation Marketing for.