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UK Government

Infographic by Rudy Parker: For Sales enablement software.

An example of an infographic that I created.

I have other infographics I've created for various marketing campaigns across social media for lead generation and marketing.

UK Government

Webinars & Video

UK Government

All party parliamentary group

All Party Parliamentary groups includes MPs from all political parties, members of the House of Lords, health professionals, patient groups and commercial interests  Click for example of a piece covering a Government event.

Webinars & Video

Webinars & Video

Case Studies, brochures & reports

Rudy Parker: A series of three highly successful Leadership development webinars with Questback

Recent webinar, from a series of three that I set up, on Leadership with two experts in the field, that I produced and ran in July 2019. It is now a top ranked piece of content for the company on the first page of google and youtube searches.

Case Studies, brochures & reports

Case Studies, brochures & reports

Case Studies, brochures & reports

Rudy Parker: Case studies, research reports, brochures, White papers, comparison charts.

I've written many case studies myself and within teams and with agencies. I've also commissioned industry reports both in-house and through research companies. This is a succssesful case study, the most searchd on google for the company, I wrote in May 2019. 

Bogging & Social Media

Case Studies, brochures & reports

Bogging & Social Media

Rudy parker: expert with fifteen years of experience of blogging for your company

I am an avid blogger. I have been blogging since 2004 when I ran an MBA admissions blog for Business Week/Bloomberg. One of my business blogs now has eighty thousand readers. Check out my most popular blog post with eight thousand readers so far.

Paid Search & Display

Case Studies, brochures & reports

Bogging & Social Media

Rudy Parker Google Analytics and AdWords: Expert financial, business and marketing analyst.

Using Google Adwords for five years. I love to crunch the numbers and optimise using google analytics and other tools. In December '18, I passed a three-hour exam in digital marketing with the DMI. Skilled user of Ahrefs, Alexa and SEMRush.

Digital Marketing Platforms & Email Marketing

rudylearningaboutstartups  email marketing campaigns


Experience across all major platforms: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Pardot, Hubspot, Marketo, to name a few.

Marketing automation by Rudy Parker

Sophisticated journeys

Creates nurture, automated and segmented  email campaigns.

Rudy Parker: Marketing automation and email segmentation 'smart lists' in Marketo


Database of  my blog and website subscribers. SMS phone, text message and whatsapp campaigns


Tableau data analytics

Monte Carlo finance simulation

Monte Carlo finance simulation


Using Tableau data analytics.This is my data around google ad bidding strategy that I have used to find key metrics to optimise ROI on digital marketing spend.

Monte Carlo finance simulation

Monte Carlo finance simulation

Monte Carlo finance simulation


My simulation using Oracle's Crystal Ball software to value a real estate investment. I varied parameters like occupancy rates and taxes to show 1000 possible outcomes and to gauge various financial metrics, such as ROI, of the investment.


Creating a marketing plan

Finding out what your company needs from marketing and how to best deliver that.

Once I have analysed your business and understood where the challenges and opportunities exist, I will create a comprehensive marketing plan for your company. 

UK Government & Cyber security

Current projects - Government, Cyber, US Tech investor

All party parliementary group on cyber security

Leadership Webinar

First Video of series of three webinars I put together in May-August 2019

Video with startup founder and investor, Bela Hatvany

My Video interview with tech investor Bela Hatvany, founder of Justgiving, and inventor of the touchscreen. He has sold two of his businesses for over two hundred million dollars and now invests in startups.

28 hands mail manager demo with lucy prior

Lucy Prior, 28 hands mail manager director of sales

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