What's killing your productivity?

What is productivity and why is it important? How can a great Marketing consultant help you?

At it's most basic, productivity is the amount of value produced divided by the amount of time (or cost) required to do so. And while this equation seems simple enough on the surface, the strategies for optimizing it have evolved dramatically.

If you look at the chart above, only a few countries stand out as being able to be highly productive whilst maintaining long work hours - the USA, for instance. I will be exploring the 'why' of this in a vlog post soon. 

Have you noticed how some people are incredibly productive and also seem to be happy and wealthy, too? Well, the same can be said for companies and countries. Some are incredibly productive. Others really suck. Why is that?

How many times have you worked with people or in organisations that seem to suck the life out of you? The hours are long and gruelling, the politics are a drag...................and yet, very little seems to get accomplished.

Do you remember a time when everyone in your team was switched on and engaged? When there were no malingerers or people playing politics? They all did their jobs and you managed to complete an A+ project without ever going over your standard 40 hour weekly time limit? 

- Right there, is the difference between good and poor productivity

Find out more here from a the leading productivity expert in the world, Stanford Economist, Professor Robert Hall. He also pioneered Marco-Economics and wrote the standard University textbook on this subject.

A good marketing consultant will come into your business and identify where you are loosing time and money and then also identify opportunities were that time and money could be better allocated.

Is your website bland? Does it have the look and feel of content designed by a trade union or a committee? Do your company values shine through? Or are people struggling to decipher what you do and what you're all about?

If the answer to any of these questions is 'YES!' then you need a high performance marketing expert who can quickly make decisions that will transform your business.

Where I don't have the expertise, I am connected with a team of the top passionate professionals in their field, for example, Henny Frazer, ex-head of branding at Hyatt Hotels. Check out her video on launching the Winston Churchill Bar at the Hyatt Regency Hotel - The Churchill, here:  


How can I become more productive?

1. Cut down travel and work from home.

2. Only attend important meetings.

3. Learn to say 'No'.

4. Communicate directly, be brief, be specific.

5. Make a plan for each day

6. Only read essential emails. Leave the rest til you have completed your work for the day.

7. Cut people from your meetings that are not contributing or are blocking progress.

8. Be realistic about what you can accomplish with the limited resources & time you have.

Top 10 most & least productive countries in the world

Most Productive

1. Luxembourg

2. Norway

3. Switzerland

4. Denmark

5. Iceland

6. USA

7. Australia

8. Ireland

9. Netherlands

10. Sweden                                                    

Least Productive

1. Mexico   

2. Russia

3. Chile

4. Latvia

5. Estonia

6. Lithuania

7. Hungary

8. South Korea

9. Portugal

10. Greece